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Granbury Psychological Center/

Autism Solutions of Granbury

We hope these sites will assist you as you begin or continue your journey with a loved one on the autism spectrum. We are not directly affiliated with any of these organizations but we believe they are great resources!

The Stanford Neurodiversity Project is an excellent hub of resources and links pertaining to neurodiversity.

At this point in history is arguably one of the best organized and publicly recognized groups in the "Autism Cause." Although families affected by autism may not agree on every issue, this group is proving successful in advancing autism awareness in general in the midst of its alarming increase.

Organized source of info. for families who have been affected by autism in the N. Texas area. Site has a forum, listings of local support groups, meetings and events. A well-stocked resource library in the metroplex is also available.

Here's an excellent disability resource directory comprised by Texas A&M University which we are proud to be a part of. This site strives to make community resources available to residents in outlying Texas counties as well as heavily populated localities.

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